Bojangles' Coliseum - Booking Information

Bojangles’ Coliseum is the ideal location to book your next event! For more information about booking procedures, please contact or call 704-372-3600.

Promoter’s Guide - Fast Facts
  • Oval coliseum seating 10,500 at full capacity
  • Coliseum seating can be reduced to approx. 5,000 seats via draping system.
  • Coliseum is approx. 100 ft. high, 420 ft. wide and 540 ft. long.
  • The coliseum floor area is 99 ft. wide and 212 ft. long. The coliseum floor area during ice hockey season is approximately 85 ft. wide and 200 ft. in length.
  • Equipped with 2 full-size locker rooms, 3 dressing rooms and a press/catering area.
  • Food/beverage, catering and merchandise are in-house exclusives.
  • Features banquet room capable of accommodating 125 people for seated dining and up to 150 stand-up reception style
  • Doors open one hour prior to event
Building Specs
Maximum seating capacity: 10,500
Permanent seats: 9,500
Parquet (floor-level) seats: 1,000
270-degree configuration: @ 7,500
Half house: 5,200


*All Coliseum layouts must be approved by Coliseum management prior to ticket on-sale date.


Coliseum Rigging
Open steel pre-hung points from roof of structure
Coliseum floor to bottom of hanging points: 75 ft.
Bottom of catwalks to roof: 40 ft.
Hanging Points: 2 Ton each per Rigging Diagram.


Load In/Out Information
Can accommodate two trucks simultaneously at loading dock.
Additional trucks can be accommodated based upon IATSE call
Drive-in Coliseum Floor-Level Entrance: 18 ft. clearance (actual width) Flat access to coliseum floor. Ramps or forklifts can accommodate one truck backed into coliseum.
Elephant Door: 13’-6" high. 70 ft. from Stage Deck to Rigging Points.

Electrical Power/Show Power


#Amp Volts Location Approx. distance to stage
(1) 800 3Ø 120/208 Outside 150 ft.
(2) 600 3Ø 120/208 Stage Left / Right Backstage 75 ft.
(2) 300 3Ø 120/208 Backstage Left & Right 25 ft.


Bus Parking – (4) 50-amp 1-phase/208/120V services
Loading Dock – (2) 100-amp 3-phase/208/120V services
Loading Dock – (2) 70-amp 3-phase/208/120V services
Loading Dock – (4) 60-amp 3-phase/208/120V services


Musco Metal Halide Sports Lights
General Lighting Quartz
House Lights are 500-watt and 1000-watt Quartz Incandescent
Sound & light board located at the middle of Section 108


Cable TV
Available throughout backstage and dressing rooms.


The Coliseum has an exclusive in-house telephone service. Cost per line is $200, plus any long-distance charges.


Water & Drains
Hot & cold water and drains can be found near the rear of the coliseum, at the back door.

Washer & Dryer
One heavy-duty commercial washer and dryer are located at Ground Level South Side. Connections are available for additional washers and dryers in Dressing Room #1.

Ethernet lines are available at $300/connection.


For more info on Utilities or to order, contact Cathy Buchhofer at 704-335-3110.

House Equipment
Clear Com


Follow Spot
10 Xenon "Super Trooper" 2,000 watt


Coliseum House Lights
Metal Halide sports lights
Quartz general lighting
500-watt incandescent house lighting
Sound & light room located at the middle of Section 108


Sound/Paging System
Additional sound system can be used for outside announcements. Microphones, stands and basic audio/visual services provided in-house.

Fork Lifts
One 5,000 lb. capacity with six foot fork extensions
One 5,000 lb. capacity with four foot fork extensions

Basketball Floor
Portable 60’ x 112’ Robbins


50 six-foot banquet, 20 eight-person tops


Chairs - Hard
1,200 chairs available


SICO Stage
Size TBD
Structural decking with carpet and "tuff-deck" sides
Multiple heights available
Any size available, up to 80’x40’
Bottom of catwalks to roof is 40’
70’ from Stage Deck to Rigging Points

Event Services


For the public safety of all guests attending events, qualified staff and public safety officers are required to be on site for all event-related activities. Rates for such services will be charged at the prevailing rate in effect during your event. The following staff positions are provided by the facility, based on the requirements of the building management.


  • Building Manager(s): To contact, click email
  • Box Office Amenities: To contact, click email


For more information about the services below, please click email.


  • Event Staff Supervisors Guest
  • Security Supervisors
  • Police Officers
  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • Usher Supervisors
  • Guest Services Representatives
  • Housekeeping Attendants
  • Event Maintenance Personnel
  • Fire Inspectors
  • Peer Group Security
Backstage Areas
Dressing Rooms
2 team dressing/locker rooms at 600 sq. ft. each
2 small star dressing rooms at 300 sq. ft.
1 small star room at 150 sq. ft.


All rooms are equipped with mirrors, bathrooms and showers and have both cable and telephone capabilities.


Press/Catering Area
A special area near the back stage is available for meal functions, meet & greet sessions, etc. in the Coliseum Hospitality Room.
Virtual Tour - 1 of the Hospitality Room
Virtual Tour - 2 of the Hospitality Room


Promoter Offices
Promoters are welcome to utilize one of our star dressing rooms or Coliseum Conference Room, as an office or lounge space.

Transportation | Limousines
A number of limousine services are available. Below are three local companies, listed for your convenience. For a complete listing, see the Charlotte Yellow Pages


Sinaitic Transports: 980.225.3751, 704.443.9269
Rose Limousines: 704.522.8258, 800.377.6912
Riches & Roses: 704.523.7424

Ride & Drive

Need a place to test out your hot, new vehicles? Look no further. The Bojangles' Coliseum is the ideal location for your Ride & Drive. Whether you're thinking of a small staff session or a large event for consumers, Bojangles' Coliseum can meet your needs. With a parking lot that is over 400,000 square feet and a first-rate in-house catering department, we offer the ideal location to crank up your engines and let the fun begin!

Medical Information


Presbyterian Hospital
200 Hawthorne Lane
Charlotte, NC 28204


Carolinas Medical Center
1000 Blythe Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28203




Dr. Charles A Porter III
135 South Sharon Amity Road, Suite 200
Charlotte, NC 28211




OM Spa Chiropractic & Wellness
325 Arlington Avenue, Suite 150
Charlotte, NC 28203


Urgent Care:


Presbyterian Urgent Care Randolph
1918 Randolph Road, Suite 175
Charlotte, NC 28207